Issue with Survey Ranking Question in Typeform

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I'm looking for the best days of the week to schedule activities for the enterprises I work with. I'm creating a survey with a ranking question to help determine their preferences. However, I noticed that when I assign a value to a specific day (like giving Monday a 5), Typeform automatically assigns values to the other days and changes the order. Is there a way to prevent Typeform from doing this?



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Hi @Sherpa Project Thanks for stopping by the community! Do you mind sharing a screenshot of how you’re assigning the values and where the order is changing? Thanks in advance!

Hi Liz!


Thanks for your rapid answer. In the following video I show an example:



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@Sherpa Project - that is the expected behaviour of the ranking question … if you change Monday to 5 all will change and then if you change another day to be 1 the others will shuffle in order until you have defined them all. 



Hi! Thank you for your response. I assumed it was the expected behavior of the ranking question, but we were wondering if there was an option to change that, as in some situations we find that it makes it more difficult for users to answer. In that case, we will use a different type of question. Thanks again! Have a great week!

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I’ll share the request to product, @Sherpa Project !