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  • 8 February 2021
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Hello all,

Is there a way of linking directly to another Typeform survey based on an answer?

I am looking at using Typeform for market research where users will be testing samples that are assigned a 4-digit code.

I would like one typeform (using just 1 short text question) to be able to send people to different surveys based on their responses to the one question. Eg. someone puts the code 1234 in and it will take them to a typeform/URL that I have set up for that sample.

Any idea if this is possible? I would really like to avoid a bloated survey based on multiple logic paths.



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Hi @bucksgill thanks for popping by our corner of the internet! :nerd:

You can redirect the form automatically to one URL at the moment. Though, if you’d like to reconnect to multiple URLs, there isn’t a direct way to do this but we do have a workaround for it but you’d need to add more than just the short text question). :sunglasses:

The workaround would require that you add a picture choice question to your form and add the URLs you’d like to redirect the respondents to in the picture choice labels. 

So, the quick version of the steps would be: 

  1. Add a picture choice question to the form. 
  2. Put the UID of the form into the labels. (The UID can be found at the very end of your typeform URLs.)


  3. Then, turn the labels off 
  1. Next, add the picture choice as a recalled variable in the redirect URL, placing the beginning portion of your URL into the redirect URL. 

Then, when your respondents click on the picture choice, they’ll be redirected to the corresponding URL! 

You can also find step-by-step instructions of this here

Hope this helps. :) 

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Hey Liz,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give it go. It may get a bit unwieldy in the future, depending on number of sample in use at any given time, but it should certainly work for now.

Thanks again!

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@bucksgill perfect! If you run into any troubles setting it up, let me know! :grinning:

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That’s a nice solution @Liz !

But seeing random strings as options in the form could be confusing for the respondent.

Another way to achieve the same result could be using Endings what used to be called Thank you screen

Each ending could contain a button link redirecting to the url of your choice.
You should create a different for each code.

And modify the code of the button link to be a link to a different url.
Using logic jump you can now, redirect the user to one or the other ending depending on the answer to the text question. 

ending 1 redirects to url1
ending 2 redirect to url2

drawback of this solution: it’s not automatic, it adds an extra step for the respondent to click on the button.


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If you turn the labels off, the random string won’t be in the picture choice question (they’ll just see the picture). :) 



@Liz When adding the second typeform URL to the end screen button, it redirects to Typeform homepage (please see below). Any idea why?



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Hi @marciofanchin Are you able to remove the blocked out portion of the URL? I’m afraid I can’t quite 100% tell without seeing the URL, but my guess is that the hidden field is added incorrectly to the URL. Do you have a ? where the red line is, before the recalled email field? 

@Liz you were right. I missed adding the ? before the hidden field! Thanks again!

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Glad it was an easy fix, @marciofanchin ! 😁