Logic Questions: Multiple Questions with Multiple Choices for Each - Stuck past the complex

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Hi Typeform Community,

I’m stuck on this query. I’ve reviewed many of the issues others have shared and yet, still can't seem to figure this one out. Here is where I'm stuck.


Q9: What level of access do you have?

(Choose as many as you like)

A - I manage servers….

B - I manage websites….

C- I develop extensions….

D- None of the above


Depending on the answer. Each has follow-up questions.

A= Grouped with 8 questions

B= Grouped with 6 questions

C= Grouped with 3 questions


I took me awhile, but I finally was able to get the queries to work across all multiples.

ABC = jumps correctly

AC = jumps correctly

AB = jumps correctly

BC = jumps correctly

A = jumps correctly

B = jumps correctly

C = jumps correctly


Where I’m stuck is on D (none of the above) This should go to in all other cases (go to Q17 - what is your email)> if not A, B, or C - Jump to Q17 - what is your email address? 

I’ve tried everything to get this to work correctly. I've added additional logic, I’ve removed logic, and every time, when I select D - it takes me to A. I'm sure it's something simple. I would greatly appreciate the help.


I reviewed the Order grouping/Branch logic to keep generic questions at the end. It was working earlier when I solved for A, B, & C- but broke once I solved for the combos. ABC, AB, BC, etc...


Thanks in advance! 



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@jswartz - my suggestion is simplify the logic rules:

  • start with this: 
    • if q9 = D (none) then jumpto q17
  • then i would honestly make it really simple and just do one condition per logic rule if you can do it.. honestly it will make it easier to troubleshoot. 
    • then i would start with what i call ‘declining balance’ logic rules 
      • if q9 = A then jumpto Q 16
      • if q9 = B then jumpto Q n
      • if q9= C then jumpto Q y
    • that way if they choose A they will go there first, if they don’t choose A but choose B, they go to the correct place. etc
    • in the question group for answer = A
      • you need to put in the logic rule to determine if they chose B and/or C as well 
        • if q9 = B then jumpto Q n 
        • if q9 = C then jumpto Q y 
        • otherwise jumpto q next/end
    • in question group for B you need to have evaluate if they chose C 
      • if q9 = C then jumpto Q y
      • otherwise jumpto …… 


that will walk you through the order for processing more simply (i think) … just a thought or two. 



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Thanks Des. 


I created a draft and am rebuilding it now with your suggestion. I started it this way but kept getting stuck when it came to multiples. 

When the user selects ABC or A & C or B& C, is where the logic stops working for me. I’m going to start with a new slate and follow your steps and see what happens :)

When I reviewed the ordering grouping page, it recommended to put the most complex first and simple last, which is why I reordered it. Hopefully, it is simple, and this is the way to go. I’ve spent too much time on this task, sadly. 

Thanks for the quick reply! 


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Worked brilliantly, John! 

It did take me a minute to figure out I needed to go to the last question of each section to implement the logic, but it works beautifully now, and you are right, I did it the long hard way. I only have:

A, B, & C now and removed all the rest. 

We also found a nice way to work around our multi & rank questions that were long form text by using definitions in images instead of in the answer responses, so when we recalled, it was a clean user experience.

I appreciate your help! 



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@jswartz - glad to hear it work Jamie… i know that it can be a lot of (boring and repetitive) work to get all the logic rule that simple but it really does make it simple to maintain and ‘read’ through the logic.. 

glad to hear that it worked out for you!



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@john.desborough  - I just wished I would have done the simple way from the beginning :)


So happy you could help! 


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Why don't you send your form to us so we can see the results of your hard work, @jswartz? Curious to see how it looks! 

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It's still live now and segmented but will be more than happy to share it when we close the survey. :)

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That's be awesome, @jswartz! 😍 May I ask when are you planning to close the survey?