Make navigation arrows bigger?

  • 8 April 2021
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Is there any way to make the navigation arrows bigger on the bottom of a website embedded form? Some users have asked where the arrows are, since they can be a little hard to see.


Thank you!


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7 replies

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Hi @WebDesign. Welcome to the Typeform Community :hugging:


It's not possible to make the navigation arrows bigger but I agree it'd be an awesome feature! You might want to post your suggestion here as well, for extra visibility:


Have a great Friday! :) 

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Yes, they are too small and will it possible to customize them?

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Hi @Eric. The navigation arrows aren't customizable at the moment but I'd encourage you to add your feedback to the post shared above =) 


+1 for this, specially on desktop

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Thanks for the upvote @ReneNL I will add this to the feature request board 😊

This would really be helpful, we often get complaints by clients that the navigation arrows are hard to find. Should be an easy fix right?

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Hi @Makethecity I do know that our product team is looking into changing the looks of navigations, but there aren’t any concrete plans on specific updates. Keep an eye on the community for updates!