Matrix question - full functionality (logic access)

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We use matrix type question a lot in our surveys. Is there an ETA on when it will have full functionality in TypeForm?


Specifically we are after the currently missing ability to work with the matrix in the survey logic (advanced only for starters if need be is fine) as we often need to assign variables and split the survey further based on responses in the matrix questions.


Advanced piping would also be great, but not necessary.


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Hello everybody!

I have the same need now. A matrix question that depending on the responses I would like to trigger a follow up or not.

Still not possible after a year of discussion? 😒

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Can you elaborate on that, @brandonkeelean? Why this feature would be important to your use case? 

In my case, I have to ask the users to evaluate several factors of our product, and depending on the answers i would like to trigger some follow up questions.

Because you are not offering a logic solution to matrix questions now I am force to ask the user one single question per factor, which will increase participant fatigue and chance of dropping from their side.


😡 Seems like I was too optimistic expecting this functionality from a product like Typeform.


The problems I have to face now:

  • create one single question per factor
  • request newer translations.


Funny fact, seems like this functionality has been requested by some users for more than a year now, and we are still waiting

My NPS input right now is 0

Same need here.  We’ve created a Jobs To Be Done survey and are using the matrix question type so that our customers can rank a statement on a scale of 1-5 for importance and, separately, satisfaction.

If they rank a statement low on satisfaction (1,2 or 3), I’d like to ask for more details and what we can do to help.


Being able to do this would save us another round of qualitative interviews and would offer a lot of immediate context to a respondent’s answers

Same same same here! I need to add logic to a matrix table for follow-up questions. 


Any news? 

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This is a deal breaker for me.


I have  matrix questions with a list of brands that people are aware about.


Those who are aware of specific brands  are asked questions on which brands will they consider


Those they consider, we ask which would you recommend


In its current form, its asked to everyone, which is even if im not aware of brand A, B and C, the respondent is asked if he will recommend those brands!


Same - It’s a fairly basic feature in  surveying tools. So not only is it possible, it’s expected. If only I found this thread sooner though! I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time looking for the solution and workarounds that don’t exist. 


Are there any realistic intentions of being able to add logic to your matrix questions in the near future, or even within the year? I love almost every other feature of typeform, but like a past user said, this is a deal breaker for my purposes. 

Ditto. Much required feature. Typeform PLEASE! It’s been literally years!

Hi @LuFem I’m afraid this isn’t on the roadmap at this time, but as always, if anything changes, I’ll post about it here. 😀

@Liz @Gabi Amaral  Clearly this is a popular feature and it has been years so wondering how we can get the product team to put it on their roadmap? In my case it’s the deal breaker and why I haven’t upgraded my Typeform plan. I like the Typeform approach but if I cannot get the job done with it I cannot use it =( 

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Hi @LTGS I totally understand. 😞 At the moment, it’s not possible that it will be on the roadmap in the near future because our product team is working on more popular requests such as captcha, partial responses, video questions, amongst many others. 

Though, keep adding your requests and votes here so they can see them as they continue to build out the roadmaps!