Multi-choice logic, branching doesn't allow me to show previous questions

  • 12 September 2022
  • 3 replies

Hi! I’ve solved my branching doubts with other discussions, but I’m stuck with a new problem. 

In Q2 I have a Multiple selection question and I want to show follow-up questions based on this one. 

I’ve been working on the multichoice choice branding logics and everything was working OK until the followup questions jump back to a different question branch. 


I’m not sure if I’m explaining well enough. The question would be: 

How can I complete the branching if the rest of the followups are in a previous position? 

3 replies

I’ve fixed it! 

We can close it :D 


Thanks anyway!! 

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Hello @Alaneu, welcome to our Community!

Can you let us know how you fixed that? 

Wishing you a great day! 

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Hi @Alaneu Hope you’re doing well! What fixed the issue? 😀