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  • 8 June 2021
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Hello Team,


I would like to ask if there is a way to add several website URL fields upon request of the user.


My business need is that the user to be able to fill in multiple urls without having to move to a next page


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4 replies

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Hi @kalhmerhs Thanks for stopping by the community! Our forms currently show one question at a time because we’ve seen this increases engagement on the form. So, you can add multiple URL fields to the form, but they would show one at a time. 

Another workaround for this would be to add a long-text question and allow the user to enter multiple URLs in that question. Would either of those solutions work for you? :grinning:

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Hi @kalhmerhs did either of these solutions work for you? :grin:

This is a valid question and I thought Typeform would have the option for the user to answer multiple URLS. 

Let say you are asking them for their Socials: ( Insta, twitter, discord, pinterest...) There’s a few answers here. I think it is annoying for the users to go into a next page for answering all their socials. 

Two (imo) easy solutions for Typeform: 

  1. An option to add more URLS fields on the Link slides (right sidebar: +add more field) 
  2. Creating a new Social Media Slide, with pre-defined fields for the most popular socials 

On a tech standpoint, not too much to do :) 

Would be great to have these options in the future. 

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Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback, @CyrilStyle ! We’ll share this with the product team. :grinning: