My typeform got hit by a spam robot

Hi everyone,

I was running a market survey and it looks like some spam robot found our typeform and added thousands of responses and now our data is ruined. I’m so upset! This never happened before after using typeform for 5 years. The data and survey are ruined it seems, which is extremely problematic for our organization and our client.


Does anyone have suggestions on how to weed out the spam entires? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to them and they are scattered everywhere.

Thank you.


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Thanks for adding in your upvote @Kruste we will continue to share the feedback with our product team and will keep everyone posted in the Community with any updates 🙏

@Grace I can upvote 1000x if you want, 
But you guys need to understand that it’s not just a “feature” request

It’s life or death for Typeform: If data we are collecting is 99% fake and AI generated there is no point for us to use your tool anymore. 

Happy to help your team if you need (we can show you the fake subscriptions we receive)

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Totally agree @Kruste and it’s getting trickier with AI now too. 

We do have some workarounds listed over in this conversation here just in case they can help in the meantime and I will pass your offer over to our product team.