Photos and logos will not upload

  • 18 January 2023
  • 6 replies

Hi- I recently got a new Macbook Pro and now I can’t upload any logos or images.  It doesn’t let me upload, drag, none of it.  Any ideas how to fix this?

6 replies

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Hi @Jessie Schwartzburg What browser are you using? This sometimes happens to me on my Mac when I use Chrome, and I either switch to Safari (if I’m being lazy ha!) or restart my computer, which usually fixes the issue. 

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Hey @Jessie Schwartzburg how’s it going? Are you still having issues with uploading images? Let us know if we can help any further 😊



One of my customer have the same problem on a macbook Pro.


He was unable both on chrome and safari to upload photos.. In the Network part of devtools, there were an 400 error when he try to upload it..


If you have any tips to avoid this, would be great :)


Have a nice day

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Hi @Tools Algar Could you send the URL of your form so I can test it? I work off a Macbook, so this will give me an idea of what’s happening. 

Hi Liz, 

Thanks to have a look at my case, this is the typefom i spoke about : 

i saw my customer live, and none of his chrome and safari browser on his new macbook was able to upload a photo/document in this typeform.. We solved the problem by doing this on his iPad.


If you have any idea of what possibly happen it would be great :) 


Have a great day 🚀


Oscar from Algar

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Thanks, @Tools Algar ! I just gave it a try on my Macbook, and it did let me upload files. It might possible be a permission issue on the computer. I believe you can check this by going into the computer settings and ensuring that all of the browser settings allow for uploads.