Problem with logic (wrong jump after option 'other')

  • 25 April 2022
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I have a problem with ´other´ and jumping to the wrong follow-up question.

It starts with a question 14 How much do you agree with: I feel comfortable giving feedback to my colleagues.
If the rating is equal or greater than 6 they will move to a follow up question where they can pick reasons for being comfortable (question 15).

If it is equal or lower than 5 they will move to question 16 where they can select reasons for not being comfortable.



Imagine I rate question 14 with a 8….. I nicely go to the follow up question where i can select reasons for being comfortable.

However, if I then choose for 'Other' i move to the next question >>> 'select reasons why you are uncomfortable'. This is not correct. It should move to a completely new question (17).


See my screenshot below. Can someone tell why it is not jumping to question 17 but to question 16 instead?






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@ClaireTS - i would break the logic rule into 2 … the second one being for the “other’ AND condition..

with both of them pointing to q17

I think you will then satisfy the logic conditions properly. 




Hi John, 


Thanks for helping me out :) 


The 'and' » 'is equal to' line at the buttom of the last screenshot is one I can not remove…. When I add a rule that part always appears as well. Is that part of the problem? Do you know how that can be deleted?

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@ClaireTS - you should be able to delete the condition and not the rule… 

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Hi @ClaireTS Were you able to finish setting up the logics? 😀