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  • 22 March 2023
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Hi Typeform community, I would like to know if Typeform saves the progress of the responses on the respondent side? I need to know this because we want to do an application process through Typeform, in which applicants submit large text responses to question + submit documentation requested, but I don’t want to do it through Typeform if it does not save the progress done by the respondent while responding the questions as they are extense. For example, if she/he wants to do another task, close the internet, has a problem and reset his computer, or simply wants to continue working on the submission form another day; I want that person to come back and be able to start where she/he left the work, even if it is in the middle of a response without pressing any submission or progress button.

For clarity, we do not need data of partial responses on our side, only to confirm that progress is saved on the respondent side.


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@dfvalenzuela - i believe that the details are saved in the user’s browser cache for up to 15 days, provided they are using the same computer and have not cleared their cache… so if they came back and went to the same typeform url, their progress would be there.. 

@Liz  - is this still the case??



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Hi @dfvalenzuela I’ve answered you in the other thread, but this article here can provide more information on how partial data works. 😀