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  • 15 February 2022
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The “Published” button is greyed out not allowing me to publish the form.  The only way I’ve been able to get the button to be workable, is to add an ending to the form and then delete that ending.  There should be another way or reason this is happening.  


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4 replies

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Hi @ahubard 

Thank you for your question!
If the Publish button is greyed out it means you have not made any changes to your form. So the published version is the one you see in the builder.

If you are looking to get your form link, you will find it under the “Share” panel (on the top menu)

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No, I think not as I have the same problem. I make changes to my form, the form updates but the published button stays greyed out. Then a warning that if you leave, your changes may not be saved. So, what do you do then other than lose the time spent? This seems to happen a lot more recently.


I did lost a full afternoon of work because the published button was grey.


Nothing was saved and I confirm that adding an ending reactivated the publish button.


But not cool for half a day lost

now I undertand. no ending means no advertisment for typeform, with is totally normal when using the free version.


But correct the bug. of the grey button with a pop-up or a mandatory ending


Thank you