Pulling Questions from A Larger Pool

Hi I have 15 questions and would like to have 5 questions randomly pulled from these for each quiz. Is this possible? What settings would I have to turn on for this?


Best answer by Liz 15 May 2024, 18:40

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Hi @BentoPlaybook welcome to the community 😊

This sounds interesting, so would you want there to be 15 questions in the quiz but each time someone took it they would only see 4 randomly selected questions?

Correct exactly what I want

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Thanks for confirming @BentoPlaybook!

I don’t think that’s possible out of the box, but I’m going to tag a few folks in here to see if anyone has come up with or seen a workaround that might be useful - @Liz @john.desborough @picsoung have you ever seen something like this before?

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Hi @BentoPlaybook I’m afraid we don’t have this option available, but I can share the request with our product team. 

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Hi @BentoPlaybook 

As @Grace and @Liz mentioned we don’t support “question bank” out of the box.

However, with your coding prowess and a spirit of exploration, there's a potential workaround using the API that could unlock the 'question bank' support.

Your questions are stored in a database with all the different options.

When someone needs to answer a quiz, you can call this database to pick 5 questions and then call the Create Form endpoint. It will return a URL of the form that has been created and you can redirect the user to it.

If you want to get the responses you can attach a webhook via API too using the Create Webhook endpoint.

Hope this helps