Recall variable not able to auto-fresh?

  • 8 March 2021
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I created a survey and in my survey I have a variable that is updated based on user responses. For example, when a user chooses an option from a multiple choice question, a number is deducted from my defined variable, the same applies for other survey questions in which each one is associated a value that subtracts from my defined variables. I am recalling this variable in the description of the question so that the user can see how much they have deducted from the variable. One issue that I noticed while doing this is that when a user selects an option, the variable will not update automatically, and my survey question has at least 20 questions which can lead to confusion and inaccurate results. In order for the variable to update, the user must click outside the question field, or select another question and them click outside the question field. I am not sure if there is any way to make the recall variable refresh automatically after user selects their answer, or if this is a limitation of Typeform.

If anyone has encountered this before or have found any workarounds please feel free to share. 

2 replies

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Hey @anon_user_123. Welcome to the Typeform Community! :hugging:


I'm not sure if I completely understand the issue here. Would you mind sharing a screencast showing an example? This way, we'll be able to help further! =)

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hi @anon_user_123 hope you’re doing well! Were you able to figure out the solution to the issue? If not, would you mind sending a screencast so we can help further? :grinning: