Right to left languages תקשורת בשפת עברית

  • 28 January 2021
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I am also interested in this, and quite surprised it has not been implemented, at least a basic version.

I have checked, and with

1) html { direction: rtl;}
2) one text-align:right on the description of each question
3) one text-align:right that handles the answers / error messages

You fix almost all questions types (including Rating & ranking, which surprised me).

Of course, not perfect, as there are a few bugs left:
- photos to move to the left on destktop
- question numbers over text on the right
- country selection in phone number dropdown behave a bit strange.

But still, with 3 lines of CSS, you get a decent RTL

I am also like to get an update about support for RTL. When it will be possible to use?