Right to left languages תקשורת בשפת עברית

  • 28 January 2021
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I am also interested in this, and quite surprised it has not been implemented, at least a basic version.

I have checked, and with

1) html { direction: rtl;}
2) one text-align:right on the description of each question
3) one text-align:right that handles the answers / error messages

You fix almost all questions types (including Rating & ranking, which surprised me).

Of course, not perfect, as there are a few bugs left:
- photos to move to the left on destktop
- question numbers over text on the right
- country selection in phone number dropdown behave a bit strange.

But still, with 3 lines of CSS, you get a decent RTL

I am also like to get an update about support for RTL. When it will be possible to use?


I would also love to see RTL support in Typeform soon

Wondering if any updates on supporting RTL? @Liz -- It’s sad that it’s been requested for over 2 years and still didn’t make it into the pipeline. Really love Typeform but not supporting RTL makes me choose other options instead :(

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Hi @albara8 Thanks for stopping by! I can (finally!) say this is something they’re exploring, but I’m not sure of the exact dates of anything quite yet. I’ll post any updates I have here as development progresses. 

would love to see RTL feature.. ❤️ from Maldives.

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I have some very good news everyone! We’ve released support for Arabic as of today! 


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Very cool, Please let me know when there’s Hebrew..

It does change to RTL when I choose Arabic but then all the info immediately changes to Arabic as well which won’t work for me

Waiting as well for the Hebrew support. (it’s been 2 years...)

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Hi @Shellyk By info, do you mean the default messages in the form? 

@Ogreen we’re getting there! 

Well looking at the first screen of my quiz, as soon as I change to Arabic the calculation time on the bottom is shown in Arabic.


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Hi @Shellyk Ok, thanks for clarifying! That is expected behavior, but out of curiosity, is there a particular use case reason why you’d want the system messages to be English instead? 

I would like it in Hebrew actually. But if I can’t, then English would work. 

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Hi @Shellyk Ah, got it! We don’t currently support Hebrew (just Arabic), but you could change the system messages back following these instructions

I tested it in my account and it worked: 


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Hello community members :)

I am happy to share with you all that we now support natively forms in Hebrew. You can change the language of your form to Hebrew in your form settings.

Really curious to hear your feedback and see your forms!