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  • 15 March 2021
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Hi there, 

I’m trying to create a Survey Evaluation that requires the Advanced logic using the Branching and Calculations. 

At the end, I’d like the score variable to lead to a specific Ending, in which the Ending will have the users score and interpretation of the score.  For example, a score of 20 from our survey would lead to Ending A, which will tell the user what that score means.

Is this possible? I see that it’s possible under simple logic, but I can’t figure out how to do it with Advanced logic function.




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@ctngo3 - this is from a user as well

I do this on several of my typeforms: where i have a series of question groups, each with their own set of questions and ‘score ratings’ for results, and an overall score value that routes users to one of 4 specific ending paths, complete with summary details, typical things you can do to improve in your level and climb higher and some custom images/graphs 

i did the following in the advanced logic area with variables and branching/calculation

  • set subtotal variables for each question group ie q1_group_score, q2_group_score etc
  • i added the score from the questions within a group to the appropriate group_score variable 
    • with a Likert like question, you can simply add the response value to the variable ie @recall_q1a to the subgroup (it is already a number) 
    • if you use a multiple choice like severley disagree, disagree, moderately agree etc, you would need to add logic rules to the question to tell it to add a specific value to the variable ie if Severely disagree then add 1 to q1_group_score.
    • add q1 and q1 and q3 group scores, etc to score (the total variable)
  • then i put in a statement page that summarizes the responses and interim score as necessary and let them know that we are going to display the next page based on their score
    • if score is greater than 32 jump to ending A, if score is greater than 20 and less than or equal to 32 then jump to ending B, etc. 

that seems to be able to address what you are looking to achieve, at least i hope it moves the needle a little. 


there are several threads within this community that cover the topic. 





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@john.desborough I’m going to refer to your response in the future when I’m struggling. This is a very detailed description of the logic needed. Thank you for providing that level of detail!

I just shared these screenshots in another post for a visual reference, @ctngo3 . I hope it’s also helpful. 


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Thank you everyone! Very much appreciated!