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  • 30 June 2022
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I’m creating a subscription form for dance classes. When you subscribe through the form, you need to enter a lot of data: name, address, phone number, emergency contact info,… Now, every year people have to ‘resubscribe’. 

I was wondering if there was a way to add for example a choice ‘first subscription’ vs ‘resubscription’, and when people click resubscription, they just have to enter their name and the form pulls up the previous information entered for that name (in a previous form submission) and asks if the info is still correct? So they don’t have to reenter all their info all the time.





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8 replies

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Hi @allureagency Happy little Friday! We don’t have an option to pull up past form data in the form itself, but are you storing the information in a CRM or ESP by chance? We might be able to think of some workarounds from that!

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Hey @allureagency! Don't forget to let us know how you're storing your information and we'll be happy to suggest some workaround! Hope you have a great week! 😉

I have a typeform that some of my group has filled out before and some has not. For those who have, I’d like to show their previous answers in the new form (creating a duplicate of the old one) so they only have to answer if there’s an update. Is this possible?

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Hi @BT2023 I’ve added your post here where we have the answer. 😀

Is the answer that this is not possible? We have the answers stored in Kajabi and a Google sheet.



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@BT2023 - you could pass the prior answers into the form as hidden variables in the url string then display the answers on a Statement page using the @recall function OR you could show their previous answer on the question page (in the description area) using the recall function. there is nothing ‘natively’ in Typeform that would allow you to prefill the questions/answer area with the previous choices directly. 



@john.desborough Could I do this easily with different answers per person? I have some new and some old taking the survey, so some have answers that I’d like them to be able to see and some do not. Do I need two surveys, one for each group? I am new to Typeform, thank you for your help!

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@BT2023 you could use the hidden field logic to help direct the user to questions .. for example, if you pass the url to the typeform and the email field, for example, is passed as this “email=xxxxxx” or with the actual email of the user, you could set up the logic rule on first question to something like this: 

  • if email=xxxxxx then go to q2 (email question)
  • otherwise go to q3

something like that .. 


just sketch out your path