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  • 26 November 2021
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I am trying to reach the support desk at typeform, but it seems that it isn’t possible….

Maybe someone can help me here ! :)


I am hosting a typeform generating >100 answers a day that I am trying to improve. I saw the other day another typeform on a website and i am trying since then to replicate their design. But i don’t see how they did it. 


Here is the form :

 I am wondering

1/ how they put specific question texte in the grey zone : 


2/ what is this type of question : 


3/ how do they got both info in one question : 


4/ how to put a accpetation tick box here : 

5/ how to generate the progression bar ?




6/ how to put the arrows ? 




That’s it ! any anwser would be appreciated !




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Hello @Mathieu! Welcome to the Typeform community from another user!:relaxed:

I checked the link you posted and I don’t think the page you referred is using Typeform. I could be wrong, but it looks to me that they built their own form, therefore it’s irrealistic to expect the same result from a no coding platform as Typeform. That being said, let me try and help with what Typeform can do to get closer to what you want.

1/ You can customize the text in Setting→Message, but it would apply to all the text questions, so it is not really a solution. You can use the description section to the same purpose.

2/ You can achieve the same result using a Opinion Scale question.

3/ Currently, this can’t be done in Typeform. You need to use separeted questions for name and surname.

4/ This also can’t be done currently in Typeform, but you can use the Legal question to ask them permission for handling their email.

5/ There’s a Progress bar in Typeform, but one can’t label it as the example. 

6/ The arrow in Typeform are located in the right bottom corner, as image below:


I hope it hells!

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