stop multiple visits from same ip 'bot'

  • 7 March 2021
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please help ! i have lots of bots filling data in my surveys … how may i allow one visit per ip .. this option is available in other survey providers but not here … 


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5 replies

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Hi @hesham midany thanks for stopping by! This is a great question. We don’t have a way to allow only one submission per visit, but you could use a setup like below with a math question to prevent spam on your form: 



Would this solution work for you? 

We are having an issue with bots spamming our survey. I added a question that the user has to answer successfully in order to proceed to providing their information. Despite this, I see numerous responses that contain the wrong answer to the question and yet still successfully submitted their account information. My assumption is that the bots are following a script vs screen scraping so while the workflow does not allow a real user to bypass the screen, a script perhaps can? Any other thoughts on this and any ways to publish the survey without ever disclosing the actual survey link?


We are using the embedded form and when I look at the source HTML, the full survey link is visible. We’re getting thousands of fake responses and it’s massively skewing our data.

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Hi @vanpancake I’ve added your post here where we have a possible solution. It sounds like you already have a question like this on your form. If so, can you send a screenshot of the logic jumps so we can see your setup? Additionally, is the question marked as required? 


I have a bot builder program. could I use it here?