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  • 18 September 2023
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We need to gather some details about an organisation and then let them submit a list of trainees.

ideally the trainee list would be similar to filling in an excel sheet. I’ve attacvhed a screenshot of the existing excel sheet people fill in and return.

they would fill in organisational information and then trainee specific information

any starter points appreciated.



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5 replies

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@john.desborough definitely has some custom solutions for this! (as it isn’t a feature we offer with our Google Sheets integration)

Thanks @Liz . Our architect had found a discussion that she thought fitted our need. In that case the form first asks how many people are being registered. So in effect we would collect the Organisational information, then based on how many trainees they wish to enter it sets up that number of records (??) to be filled in. sorry not the best description, I’ll see if I can find the discussion point.

thanks for tagging @john.desborough - John if you have anything further to add, that would be much appreciated.


cheers Theo

Hi @Liz  haven’t heard back from John as yet. Our archuitect can’t find the discoussion she saw but described it as:

.  The solution included asking how many participants, and then the form would use group questions with multiple answer textboxes per question.  So they could complete their name, surname, role for example for one question instead of multiple.  It is still not like filling in a spreadsheet, but would enable better validation on the input.  


does that ring any bells?  cheers Theo

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@theob - sorry .. sometimes life takes over hanging out in the Community


suggestion is to have two forms - one to start the process ie you want to add a number of people to the list? click here to get started… that form would redirect to the form to collect the users info .. if you need to know who is doing the entry you could pass in a hidden field like their email if you ask for it in form one

in the second form you ask all the questions about the user to get the info you need to fill out that spreadsheet style and at the end you have a yes no question ‘ do you want to add another person?’ 

if yes, then on submit it will  redirect back to the same url for the second form and it will start the loop again.. if no, kick them out to an ending page. 

if you connect this to a google sheet you will capture all the details in a spreadsheet as well. 

just the simple way i have done it for clients



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@theob - a followup…

if you want to use the ‘how many do you want to add?’ approach all in one form, you would need to do something like this:

  • set a maximum number that you want to allow in that go-round ie 10 or 15 . it comes in to play in a minuet
  • create a variable - i usually call it v_counter - and set it to the max number you want to allow.
  • create the a question group that contains all the questions for each individual AND one more - do you want to add another? as the last one in the question group. 
  • duplicate the question group (click the 3 dots beside the question group question and choose duplicate) - that’s a “pro tip” to avoid having to retype or copy them inidivudally
  • in the first question group,  when you get to the last question of the first question group, the logic rules that you want to consider putting in are as follows:
    • if q X is NO then go to ending 
    • if q X is YES then subtract one from v_counter (explaining this in a bit) 
    • if q X is YES and v_counter is greater than 0 then go to next question group (can go the q-group intro page or directly to the first q in the group) 
  • repeat this logic on the yes no question at the end of each question group until you get to the last one ie the 10th question group or max of your allowable entries) and then when you ask the yes no:
    • if qY is NO send towards your exit routine 
    • if qY is YES go to a statement page that tells them that when they hit submit they will be redirected immediately back to the form to add another x maximum (ie you are looping them back through the form again from the get-go.) 

hope that helps.. now you have two alternatives that both work