Tallying "Multiple Choice" Answers

  • 26 April 2022
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Hello! I work for a marketing agency and we often use Typeform with one of our clients for simple surveys and applications/forms. But now this client wants this physical form/quiz (see first attached image) turned into a Typeform so they can share it digitally. 

So far what I’ve done is break up each category of words into their own Multiple Choice question (see second and third attached images). Then the only way that I can think of to tally each word type’s results is to use the logic to assign a number to a variable that represents their respective word type. But then I would have to go through all four questions and map out all possible answer combinations for it to tally each question’s results accurately. There must be another way, right? 😅

So my question is: Is there a way for me to turn this physical form into a Typeform without having to painstakingly go through every possible answer combination to be able to have the logic tally the results?



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Hi @SiglCreative Welcome to the community! I sadly don’t think there is a faster way to build this form, unless @john.desborough has a quicker solution for you! He’s quite the master at figuring these things out ha!

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@SiglCreative - unfortunately you have to go through the logic rules of “if a then add 1 to w_variable” for each choice.. 

doing that from the big list is tedious but once done, it’s done.. will be a little hard to wade through on a mobile device maybe but.. 

the quick way to create the 4 questions and logic rules would be as follows: 

  • create the first question and and all the logic rules for that one particulate one, adding in the tally to the X_variable (just a name in this case) 
  • duplicate the question three times AFTER you put in the logic rules for the firs one. 
    • this will keep the logic rule structure for the second question, for example
    • you WILL have to go in and do two things: 
      • change the labels on your MC options
      • change the variable name in the logic rule (once you change the label text, the logic should still pick up the A - ‘text string’ for the new label
  • repeat the logic rule changes for the others

IF you need to to the tally count in Typeform you can do it this way. 

Alternatively you could connect the typeform to a google sheet and set up columns and the logic in the sheet to count the tallies for each variable as the data record is pushed into Sheets on submission 

It all depends on the outcome you are trying to achieve: if you are going to send the user a customized report as a pdf after the form submission, then the google sheet option is ok. create a Slide or Doc template as a merge template and use the Document Studio add-on for Google Sheets to merge the data into the template doc, create the pdf and send the email. easy peasy


just my thoughts @Liz @SiglCreative 



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Hi @SiglCreative Were you able to give @john.desborough ‘s ideas a try? 😀