Text in Picture Choice is not responsive


if I write Text in Picture Choice on desktop - it looks good.

On mobile complete letters disappear. What to do about that?


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Hi @Julie9393 Can you share the URL where you have the form (and if embedded, that URL) so we can test it? Thanks!

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Thanks, @Julie9393 ! I’m seeing the same issue with the text for D in your image. Do you know how many characters you have in that one? 

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Yes, same here. I can see the same issue when I opened your form in the desktop, @Julie9393

The word is C “Teamzusammenhalt” and you can see just “Teamzusam”. It doesn’ make sence to split the wort because of the desktop mode :(.

Oh you’re right. That problem is in desktop mode the same 😯

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Hey @Julie9393, this looks like a bug to me. Would you be able to raise this with our support team ( so that we can prioritise the fix? Thank you

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Hello @Julie9393 - Ryan here from Support. 

Thanks for raising this with support! I just emailed you back :) 

I’ve filed this bug with our developers and will keep you posted via email as we have any updates.