Text switches to dark mode but background does not

  • 29 November 2021
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in our feedback questionnaire we use our companies design theme for background. However, a user notified us that when they have use darkmode on their device (mobile phone) the text goes into dark mode but the background does not so that the text is barely readable. 

What could I do about this?

Thanks for the help!


Best answer by Kai 6 December 2021, 14:13

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5 replies

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Hi @Kai Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by the community. Would you mind sharing the URL of your form so I can test it? 

Sure thing, thank you Liz:

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Thanks, @Kai ! I tested this on my iPhone, but I didn’t see any changes whatsoever when adjusting to dark mode. :\ What device/browser are you testing on? 

This was a user’s feedback to our survey. Unfortunately, these are anonymous and I just don’t know their configuration. But you not being unable to recreate the issue may be indicative that this is an exception rather than the norm–which is already good to know. :-)


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Ah, got it! Hopefully it was just the one, but if you see it on any other devices/browser, let us know, @Kai !