The survey definition seems incomplete when requesting my data

  • 5 August 2022
  • 3 replies

When I the request your data process described below I’m missing most of the fields in my surveys. It almost seems like the fields that a colleague has added are not included?


The same seems to happen when I use the API.

I’ve double checked that the `form_id` I’m retrieving through the API is the same as what’s in the url when I look at the form.

3 replies

I have 2 different surveys, with very different questions where, when I export the definition (API / button) it only contains one field, which then looks something like:

"id": "Ec1xsPQxnEOn",
"title": "",
"ref": "01G9M4G1M25BZZ9A3TX5EWF5J3",
"properties": {
"randomize": false,
"allow_multiple_selection": false,
"allow_other_choice": false,
"vertical_alignment": true,
"choices": [
"id": "7jQJKuLTxF0x",
"ref": "01G9M4G1M27VHBNE64WFBFTSHG",
"label": "Choice 1"
"id": "J0TouwNyCM8N",
"ref": "01G9M4G1M284EG1AH2JMVJS5YY",
"label": "Choice 2"
"validations": {
"required": false
"type": "multiple_choice",
"attachment": {
"type": "image",
"href": ""
"layout": {
"type": "split",
"attachment": {
"type": "image",
"href": ""


Searching for “survey definition” and “request data” I’m not finding relevant topics.

It actually looks like this has to do with the published state. The surveys where I only got the default looking singular field where not published. When I published one I suddenly do the fields.

This is highly unintuitive. When I export my data I expect the latest version of the surveys to be included, not just what’s published.

When using the API I can actually imagine this makes sense. But even then the data portability page could use a warning about this.

This got confirmed by Typeform’s support:

When using API calls to retrieve form definitions or responses, you won't be able to see the most up to date version of the forms using the API unless all changes to that specific form have already been published.
In other works, if you have a form with 5 questions, then later on more questions have been added to the form but the form hasn't been republished, if you made an API call for that specific form, you will only see the form definition or responses only for the first 5 initial questions.
Please republish all recent changes to the form then attempt the API call again.