Typeform on iOS - automatically have cursor placed in field

  • 31 March 2021
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When I do a Typeform in google chrome (Windows) and use the short text field, the cursor is automatically placed into the field and I an quickly answer question and press return to go to next question.  On iOS using Safari I have to manually place cursor into field with touch screen, answer question, then go to next screen, again manually place cursor into field.

Is there a way to automatically have the cursor placed into the short text field so users could quickly answer forms?


4 replies

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Hello @Peter-Pedro-Pierre. Welcome to the Typeform Community and thanks for bringing this to our attention! 


I've asked the product team and I'll be back to you as soon as I have more information about that :blush:

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Hey @Peter-Pedro-Pierre. Happy Friday!


I've just heard from the team that while this feature is certainly on their radar, they don't have any solid near term plans to add it. Be assured they're aware of your feedback and this will also be taken into consideration for future releases. 


Please keep your feedback coming :blush:

Hi @Mariana, is there any update on this feature? I was shocked to experience this shortcoming given how great of UX this offering has along with the wide adoption of iOS.

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HI @ckwiat I’m afraid we don’t have any updates on this, but as always, keep an eye on the community in case that changes!