Undo changes made/revert to previously published version

  • 3 November 2022
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Accidentally deleted all my logic, i have not saved the changes myself, i.e. i have not published those changes, but i cannot find a way to “undo the changes” or just revert to the published version which these changes had not been applied to. any ideas!?


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@katherine.oliver - unfortunately you are out of luck on this. I did the same thing a couple of times early on before i started falling back on ‘old school’ methods to make sure i did not lose anything: 

  • when you ‘finish’ a typeform make a duplicate so that you always have a copy of your current version
  • i create a backup folder in Typeform and i put a copy of the working typeform there as well (yes, i have two copies .. paranoia ….)
  • BEFORE you make any changes to a typeform, ALWAYS make a duplicate of the form and try out the changes in that copy - this way your ‘production version’ can still run and work while you are testing out any changes. 

these are just some of the best practices that need to be followed to be safe… 


This is ridiculous, how is there no undo or reject changes function? This feels like working with Microsoft Sharepoint