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Is it possible to let folks upload zipped folders to send multiple files (under 10MB total)?


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I also need this feature. Looking for another solution since this functionality doesn’t exist ...

Just adding to this discussion and I have just signed up to typeform with a pro account, but I would also like to have the option to be able to upload multiple files in one go. Seems like this is not possible, which is a shame as otherwise typeform is really slick.


+1 on this feature, super needed. Else moving to Airtable i guess is the way to go. is what I have migrated to! Not tried airtable though!

Can’t believe no multiple file upload feature been waiting for this for ages. Judging on how many people have desperately needed this, it seems the development team needs to focus on important needs. I’ll be cancelling my subscription simply because an easy feature (uploading multiple images) that is fairly simple to write code for still doesn’t exist. Where are your priorities? is what I have migrated to! Not tried airtable though!

Yup They have way better features and i’ve seen first hand how quickly feature requests move through the pipeline. Then people wonder why little tech companies get trounced.

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Multiple files can uploaded by using different name for input and it is also possible to upload multiple files simultaneously and have the information organized automatically in arrays for you by that you need to use the same array submission syntax in the HTML form as you do with multiple selects as following bellow

Example #1Uploading multiple files

   <form action =''file-

    Upload .php"  method="post"

     enctype="multiparty /form-data">

                     Sent these files:<br  />

                    <input name ="usefile [  ]"

                     type="file"    /><br   br   />

                      value="send  file"   />



Also adding to this feature request list. It is important for us to have multiple file uploads. Will check out the alternatives listed.

Yes it’s so disappointing. The devs seem not able to remove placeholder from address etc. questions and also they cant develop multiple file upload. I am a programmer myself and I know how easy this is. It is so disappointing. 

Just following up - I still needing this feature. I could test “surveysparrow”, whom seem a lot like typeform, and there is this feature, we even can control the number of files and the extensions accepted. 

Please put this on high priority to release, we love typeform, but we need it a lot!

Is there an estimate when multiple files can be upload in one single question? Also, support over 10MB uploads? 

I will share my pain and see if somebody can help me!


I work in the real estate sector as a broker. I need to collect information and pictures of the houses from owners to be sold in a efficient way. I thought typeform could help on this (not sure it can).


As you know, pictures are taken by owners and brokers with regular phones such as Iphone, etc...and each picture today has like 4 to 5 MB. Also, for having all the rooms of the house you usually take around 15 to 30 pictures. 

Having said that,  you cannot expect that the customers:

  1. will go online and reduce the size of 30 photos… insane
  2. put all together in a zip.file…. they don't know how to do it
  3. Neither upload one photo per question…. insane for +10 attchments.
  4. Will open a drive folder, upload all the photos there, send you a link and later on I need to download and reconcile with the submission… insane in a scale mode

We have to smooth the process for customer, not complicate. 

Having said that, why is so complicate to allow multiple files in a single question?
Is there an estimate for this feature?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks folks!!



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Hi @LuisVIIII I added your post here where you’ll be notified of any updates on this and can find some workarounds used by others. 

This is a sorely missing feature. Please add the ability to upload multiple images in one question without using cumbersome workarounds that are not user friendly.

+1 on this feature! We also need to ability to upload multiple files.

It’s crazy that such an essential feature has not been added yet after over two years of users requesting it. This is actually a pain point for my customers and my team. We are usually forced to ask for additional pictures/files outside of our typeforms to make it as simple as process for the customer. This adds to the amount of time we spend communicating to customers, and, at high volumes, it is just unsustainable. We have been customers with Typeform for two years + and if this feature isn’t implemented soon, we will be forced to use another form. 

Here’s a suggestion: there can be a toggle option for single file or multiple file upload. Customers completing forms can select one or multiple photos/files in their camera roll or file storage depending on the option that we as the form creators choose.


I would hate to leave typeform as it is very user friendly and has increased engagement noticeably of our customers. 

Hi there! is this feature coming out any time soon? Multiple files on one question is really needed.



Is it possible to select multiple photos for the file upload question?



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Hi @hausandhaus I’ve moved your question here where we have an existing conversation about this. 😀

Still no news? For instance we want to upload multiple images to our google drive folder. It simply doesn’t work to go back to the form 10 times and upload a single image every time. Any progress on it?

For all the people who cancelled their subscription, which alternative platform/service did you end up using? I signed up for typeform specifically to get people upload multiple pictures, but it doesn’t do it.

I’m quite sad to see this feature is still not being addressed one year on, as clearly from all the feedback here, it’s a much needed one. Same here as well, I need this feature for what we are working on, as it’s an additional step to ask the person filling up the form to go somewhere else to upload. If file hosting space is an issue, allow us to integrate and host somewhere else like Drive or Dropbox, the point is just to make the user experience seamless when uploading more than one file. It seems like such a simple feature that is obviously needed.

For all the people who cancelled their subscription, which alternative platform/service did you end up using? I signed up for typeform specifically to get people upload multiple pictures, but it doesn’t do it.

I would like to know too!

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Hi everyone, we do really appreciate your feedback and continue to pass it on to our product teams for review. If we have any updates to share we will drop them here 🙏

Has this feature been added to the pipeline yet? I find it disappointing that it takes the Typeform Team over 2 years to act on such a highly saught after and easily implementable feature, even though customers are litteraly telling them that they cancled their plans because of it. 


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Hi @Kris_1337 I’m afraid we don’t have this feature in the pipeline as our developers are working on other highly requested features like partial responses, single page forms, and captcha. But if that changes, you’ll hear about it here first!