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Is it possible to let folks upload zipped folders to send multiple files (under 10MB total)?


Best answer by Liz 15 March 2021, 22:52

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I second all the comments made here. desperately need multi-file uploads. Airtable supports multiple files, but Typeform has better UI compared to Airtable.


Hi, is this feature going to be added anytime soon? I’ve seen that this has been a requested feature for years now and nothing to come of it?

We are currently trying to create a file for customers to upload multiple documents, but we simply cant.

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Hi @UKMoneymanLTD Thanks for stopping by, and I’m afraid we don’t have this on the roadmap in the near future. That said, our developers are aware of the request as they work through building other features. 

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How is this not implemented after 3 years?

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Hi @rutgerh Our developers are working on other highly requested features like Captcha and partial responses at the moment, but they are aware of this request.