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I am currently converting an analog questionnaire into an online questionnaire with Videoask. This questionnaire/assessment by nature requires responders to write and draw some responses by hand. I am in the healthcare field so these responses cannot be replaced with typed responses. Are there any APIs which integrate with Videoask can receive sketches, doodles, drawings, written sentences, etc?


Thank you

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Hey @donovanevans thanks so much for your question, this sounds like a really interesting use case! 

My first thought would be that you could use the file upload answer type and they could take a photo of their hand drawn answer and upload it to the videoask.

@andrew_videoask @picsoung just wondering if either of you have seen any API integration with sketching tools and VideoAsk?

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Hi @donovanevans!

I agree with @Grace. The easiest approach is to use the file upload answer type.

Alternatively, I suppose you could redirect the respondent from the videoask to another tool where they can submit their drawing. Then you could dump the videoask responses and the drawing into something like a Google Sheet.

However, the lowest friction solution is having respondents draw by hand and upload the image directly in the videoask.

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Hey @donovanevans hope you’re doing well!
Do you think using the file upload answer type could work for your use case?