contact form in VideoAsk has a predefined text introduction. How to adjust?

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The contact form that VideoAsk offers to collect contactdetails at any chosen step, has a predefined text introduction. It suggests that contactdetails are wanted in order to “contact you”.

But I will not and I don’t want my contact to think so either.
They just booked their future consult with me already, and that will do.
I use this Videoask to let us prepare a bit for this consult already. No need for prior “contacting you”. 

How can I adjust this predefined text?


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Hey there, @Relatiecoach Erwin!

Completely understand. Sometimes the default text doesn’t make sense for the audience you are engaging with. If you want to change the text you have highlighted (or any other default text on your videoask) you’ll want to use the custom text feature

Specifically, you’ll want to go to the settings for the videoask you want to edit, then under the general tab you’ll want to press the plus (+) icon next to “Language”. This will give you the ability to create a new custom language within your videoask. Once you have named your new language, scroll down to the portion you would like to edit. Finally, when you save the change(s) it will reflect accordingly on your videoask.

For a more detailed and visual walkthrough, I would suggest checking this help center article.  

Hopefully this is helpful and relevant. Either way, let me know! :) 

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Thank you for your support @jkmorton ,  great!