Email and Phone Question Types in VideoAsk

  • 27 September 2022
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I know that I can ask for a participant’s contact information using the contact form, but I really want to create a form that asks for the participant’s contact information AND the participant’s friend’s contact information

I can obviously ask for this using the open ended (free response) question type, but then I lose all of the email and phone validation checking that I really need to scale.

Can you please add email and phone question types for VideoAsk like you have for Typeform?


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4 replies

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The only other thought I just had was to send participants from one VideoAsk (where they input their own contact information) to a second VideoAsk where they input their friend’s contact information, but I am pretty sure that would confuse our participants too much.

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Hi @TMo 

I’ll definitely add this one to the feature request board too, I think it could be worth trying your idea to send respondents from one videoask to a second to collect the friends contact information in the meantime, and if we have any other ideas for workarounds I’ll let you know 🙏

If I follow along and link one VideoAsk to a second VideoAsk, I have the problem of the first video in the second VideoAsk autoplaying in mute by default. It appears as though the only options are to autoplay in mute or to require clicking the play button. Is there a way to override the mute setting when redirecting from one VideoAsk to a second VideoAsk?

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Hi @Lava, good question! 

To my understanding, this isn’t currently possible. Or at the very least, it’s not something you can necessarily control.

For security purposes, most browsers and devices don’t allow audio to play automatically without the user’s consent. (Think back to pop-up ads from the 90s that would automatically bombard you, saying things like: “Congratulations, you won! You’re our 1,000,000th visitor!”)

You may find exceptions to this “rule” on certain browsers and devices, but overwhelmingly a visitor has to click before audio will play.

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