How do I customize my video ask like the image attached here.

  • 2 December 2022
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I’m interested in customizing my Video ask exactly like this because I want to put one on my website thank you page to collect data. 


However, I don’t know what plan one needs in order to write text on the form itself like Step 1, Step 2, Etc…or something like “Welcome To Freedom” as a big title. 

I don’t see how to do this in the free version, and when I look up plans, I don’t see this feature mentioned anywhere. 

I only know how to add the text overlay on the video itself.


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5 replies

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Hi @Hammock37, thanks for asking this question!

You can accomplish this by using the iframe embed option in VideoAsk.

We provide the code that lets you add your videoask to your website, then you can customize everything else around it 🙂


Thanks for the reply. I don’t know anything about coding, so I’m not sure how to accomplish the kind of customization I indicated above. Is there anyway to just hire someone on here to write the code? I don’t have time to learn how to code myself.

I understand how to embed the default template Videoask gives you, but that doesn’t solve my problem of adding my own text to it. 

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Thanks for following up, @Hammock37 🙂

@john.desborough Does your agency offer web design services?

Otherwise, I’d recommend looking for an HTML/CSS developer on a freelancing website like UpWork or Fiverr. Hope this helps! 

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@andrew_videoask - nope the 7 other voices in my head and I are only focused on Typeform and email.. all that finicky stuff i send my clients to find their own resources lol.. 


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Hey @Hammock37 @andrew_videoask I wonder if anyone over on this thread would be able to help you:


Might be worth either dropping a message in the thread or contacting any of the folks that have offered to help build videoasks, as they might also be able to help with the web design/customization element 🤔