How do I end a videoask with an action button to download a form/material?

  • 6 October 2023
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Hello. How do I end a videoask with an action button that allows recipients to either:


  1. click on a button to download a form/materials such as a PDF
  2. click on a button to take them to a spcific URL.

I was able to add a BUTTON but couldn’t get it to do anything.

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5 replies

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Hi @Javier Rodriguez Happy Fri-yay! I’m moving your post under the VideoAsk category so the respective team can help you out!

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Hello @Liz ! I am trialing VA and was wondering the same. I would love to see the options that @Javier Rodriguez mentioned in his original question. Ideally, we would present 2-3 buttons as options, same as with your Open Ended buttons. So for example, I may want to add 3 buttons: 1 button for a video response, 1 button hyperlinked to a web page, and 1 button to download a resource guide. The behavior would be similar to your Open Ended option, but with the ability to customize each of the 3 buttons beyond just video, audio, and text. Hope that makes sense. Thank you!


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Hi @Javier Rodriguez and @Allen Starrett 

I would recommend using either the button or multiple choice answer type if you want people to be able to redirect to a webpage. A respondent would then view the video, click the button and be redirected to the URL that you include. 

Here are a couple of Help Center articles that should help with the set up:

Answer types

Redirect to a webpage


It’s not currently possible to download a file from a videoask, but perhaps you could redirect them somewhere where they have they option to do that? 

Let us know if you have any more questions 😊

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@Grace thanks! Makes sense. While we’re on the subject of buttons, feature request…. I’d prefer to create a standard VA template that includes the Open Ended buttons with all 3 options - video, audio, text. But when viewed on an iPhone, those buttons are large and in charge, and end up covering a chunk of the screen. It would be nice to compress/decrease the size so they don’t cover as much of the video. As it stands now, I would probably set up with only 1 option, which then adjusts to a single horizontal button that sits lower on the screen. Of course, the tradeoff is losing the other 2 response options. Thanks for considering! 


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Hey @Allen Starrett great feedback thank you! We have something similar to this on our feature request board so I’m going to add your feedback to it and give it a +1.

Will keep you posted on any improvements!