How do I set the button color and font color?

  • 29 March 2024
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I have embedded a VideoAsk on my website but the button text is invisible.


In the VideoAsk builder, the buttons look a little better but this is not how they render when I play the VideoAsk in my site.


This article has some vague instructions for customising VideoAsks, but it’s not clear about what the Primary, Secondary and Background colours are referring to.

I need to see the background colour of my button to something dark. I need to set the font colour of my button to something bright. I need sufficient contrast between them so that they text is readable.

I don’t care much about the colour of the button letter and its circle. Reading the letter is not very important to my visitors.

Can anyone guide in in the right direction to set the button background and font colours?

Thanks, Neil


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5 replies

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Hi @NeilBenson Thanks for stopping by the community! Do you mind sharing the link to the VideoAsk itself and the link to where it’s located on your website? Thanks in advance!

Hi Liz, sorry - I should have included links in my original post!

Here’s the VideoAsk:

And here’s the VideoAsk embedded on my webpage:

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Thank you! Also, this is a cool form. @Grace 👀

Are you referring to the black background by chance? When I look at the form on both of the websites, the pink/purple colors are showing the same for me. 

Hi Liz, I’m referring to the button text and the button background colors. I want to improve the contrast so that the button text is readable.

Unfortunately, Nick from VideoAsk Support has confirmed that the only color option available is the color of the lettered circle. I don’t know why the designers think this is more important than the legibility of the text.

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Hi @NeilBenson Ahhhhh got it - and that’s good to know. I’ll share this feedback with the support team!