I would like to put the widget a little higher on my page

  • 7 October 2022
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I would like to put the widget a little higher on my page so that it doesn't overlap with the elements on my site. Do you have a solution? (screenshot attached) 




Best answer by Phoebe VA 7 October 2022, 20:49

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8 replies

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Hey @HugoBess happy Friday!

I’m not sure that we have the exact code to fix this one, and I suspect it appears differently depending on what device you’re viewing it on 🤔 but you might find something useful in our code snippet library here. We have some more advanced embed options on that page and a variety of different codes so hopefully you can find something you can modify to suit the layout better 🤞

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Hello Grace, thank you for your responsiveness! 

Unfortunately I was not able to find what I was looking for.

Otherwise, is it possible to simply add a margin_bottom in the code to bring up the widget a bit? 

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Hey @HugoBess I’m not sure about adding in the extra line - it could be worth a try though! I’m just asking around the team to see if anyone has done any testing with this, so will let you know if I have any success...

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Hi Grace, ok, thank you for your answer! 
I remain available if you have the solution

Have a nice wk ! 





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Sure thing @HugoBess have a great weekend!

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Hey @HugoBess! Do you mind me asking if you’re using a website builder? If yes, could you tell us which website builder you’re using? It might depend on the website builder and where you insert the widget code. 


Another option is using the inline widget code here. This will anchor the widget to your page and the widget will move with your page when you scroll (instead of a floating widget). 

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Hey @HugoBess just checking to see if you’d had time to look at Phoebe’s reply here? Looks like she might have some ideas based on where you insert the code 🙏

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Hello Grace, hello Phoebe, 

We don't use a website builder, the site was created entirely from scratch by developers. 

Anyway, thanks for your advice. I sent the inline widget code to the team of developers who will try to make it work. 

I will keep you informed if it works. Thanks ! 😊