Issues with password protected videoask

  • 7 November 2023
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I’m having issues with a password protected VideoAsk.


I chose not to show controls and to show subtitles, and yet the live version shows controls while the subs don’t show up automatically.

This doesn’t happen with two other non-password protected VideoAsks.


It looks like a bug - I texted the support last Friday but haven’t received an answer yet.



4 replies

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Hey @Admin Serenis welcome to the community, thanks for flagging this with us.

I double checked and it looks like @Anael VA from our support team replied to you about this, can you double check in your inbox and spam folder to see if you received it? 

Thank you for the followup Grace! 

I filled in the email field in the request form with a different email address, would it be possible to receive the answer there?

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Hi @Admin Serenis just DMing you to check the email address 😊

I think this is a bug, so will keep you posted on the fix

Unfortunately I don’t have access to that email address, if you can dm me on another one I can provide you that’s fine. 

If you can’t please keep me updated on this post :)