Make a video of the full conversation including questions and answers.

  • 2 October 2022
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Hi everyone, I am looking to automatically make complete videos of the complete conversations. Including the videos of my questions pre-made on videoAsk and the answers of my users. 

Do you have any idea how I could do that ?!

Thanks in advance !


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Hi @AlexandreA! 🙋‍♂️

In the past, I’ve worked on a use case similar to this one. You can watch the tutorial here. Basically, this workflow takes all the responses from a videoask and stitches them together as one video. It’s not exactly what you’re looking to do, but it is similar. Watching the tutorial may give you some ideas.

Ultimately, this is a more advanced use case, so it’s not a “turnkey” solution that we support in VideoAsk at this time. That being said, this should be doable with a little technical effort.

What I would recommend is using Zapier (or webhooks) to download new responses as they come in. You can download that content to cloud storage, like Google Drive. Then, once you’re done collecting responses, you could combine all those responses into one video using a manual tool like iMovie, Adobe Premiere, etc… or you could even do it automatically using a tool like Shotstack.

The trickiest part will be “downloading” the steps/questions you created. There’s no built-in option to do this in VideoAsk, so your best bet is probably recording your screen to capture that component.

I hope this helps, or at least gets you thinking about a strategy for turning this vision into a reality!

Hmmm… I was told this was already an existing feature inside of VideoAsk. 

It would be a great resource for our writers so we could gather feedback to multiple questions and then have them as one 2-minute video for them to watch prior to writing an article. 

It also seems like a pain to have to access every response individually. 

Is this feature on the roadmap?

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Hey @AgencyHub it’s not currently on the road map but we are in the process of reviewing all of our feature requests so I have added a +1 to this one and added your feedback 🙏 We’ll keep you posted if anything changes!

Hello team,


Has this issue been resolved. I assumed this was possible and payed for the branded yearly package.Now I'm being told I can't download the entire videos in one MP4 file. 


Does anybody know if this has been addressed?

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Hi @Damian Sosa welcome to the community 😊

At the moment it’s not something that you can do natively within VideoAsk. I would recommend checking out @andrew_videoask’s workaround that was shared above if you would like to stitch together all of your video responses. 

I will add another +1 to the feature request, this would be a massive project for the team so it’s great to get feedback as to how this will benefit our users.