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  • 15 November 2023
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Hi, Within our VideoAsk flows we would like to make certain or all steps mandatory to answer/fill in so that users cannot skip questions. I cannot find a solution or work-around for this. Any ideas? Thank you!


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5 replies

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Hey @Angelique welcome to the community! 😁

It’s not possible to skip a question/step in a videoask, you have to answer one question to get to the next. If someone drops off your videoask it will still collect the answers that they have submitted up until that point so you may get incomplete responses in your inbox because of that.

If you want to go back to someone that has dropped out of your videoask and remind them to come back and complete it, we have this workaround idea that you could try out:


Let us know if you have more questions along the way!

Hi @Grace  thank you and the issue is that they go to a step/question, but do not fill in the mutliple choice options and then proceed to the next step. Is there a way to prevent that? So that it is mandatory to select an answer?

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Hi @Angelique if someone wants to move onto the next question they would need to first click on an option, I’m not sure how they would be skipping the multiple choice question 🤔 could you share the URL to the videoask so we can take a look at the setup?

Hi @Grace , thank you so much for your quick reply. The step that they are skipping is the 6th step (job cluster) where they have to pick their primary focus area of expertise: 


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Hey @Angelique thanks for sharing your videoask - it’s very cool!

I went through and completed the sequence. I’m unsure how a person is able to skip the multiple choice section and still answer the final two steps. 

I don’t really want you to share a screenshot of your inbox here as it’s public, I would recommend reaching out to our support team so you can work with them on this. 

The only other thing I am wondering is if there is some logic set up that allows a user to skip over the multiple choice question, but I didn’t spot that, so I would definitely suggest contacting the VideoAsk support team here to investigate further.