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  • 6 September 2023
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Does someone know if there is a way to hide the link that allow to record again the video that has been done (that we didn’t like for example)?

The idea is to let the guest recording only one video for each question, and not allow him to change it once it’s done.
Thanks for your help.


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5 replies

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Hey, @Ari Bentolila - welcome to the VideoAsk Community! 😊

Are you referring to this ‘Ready to send?’ option which appears after someone records a video/audio answer which asks them if they’d like to use the recording or retake it? Is this what you’d like to hide?



Yes, it’s exactly that. I would like to not allow the customer to press “No” and to do the video again.
Is that possible ?


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Thanks for confirming @Ari Bentolila! It isn’t possible to hide this option from respondents currently. We do have a feature request for this though, so I’ve added an upvote to that on your behalf as a way of passing on your feedback.


What are you using VideoAsk for? I’d love to know your use case and why removing this option would help you, so I can add that context to the feature request too.


Ok, thank you for your answer. We are using your platform as a vidéo booth for one of our client, and it was their wish to allow guests to make only one shot per vidéo, and not to be able to cancel the one that has been done, I can(t explain why ; )

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@Ari Bentolila Thanks for sharing! 🙂