Replace the code at the end of the confirmation email subject with the name of the VideoAsk?

  • 29 March 2024
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I am trying to work with the very limited “confirmation emails” that VideoAsk provides.  I have requested that the live link to the VideoAsk be removed (so users can’t re-answer it) and now I am asking if you can help me understand what is the code (i.e. 7629, ucFc, etc) at the end of the subject line? The subject lines look like this:

Your response has been submitted! (ucfc)

Your response has been submitted! (7429)

Could you just replace with the code with the name/title of the VideoAsk?  That would be so helpful for sending this to my clients.  So they know what confirmation email is associated with what question? The randomized code means nothing to their understanding.  Thanks for any help as quickly as possible!


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Hi @Jeanne Dimmick Thanks for stopping by the community! I believe the code you’re seeing is the unique submission identifier, but @Grace can confirm that!

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Hi @Jeanne Dimmick and @Liz yep it’s the first 4 characters of the response ID. I’ve sent the feedback to our product team, I don’t think it’s something that would be updated at this time but I will keep you posted!