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  • 18 June 2022
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I am just starting out with VideoAsk and want to create a flow that helps focus on the users needs, mainly separating warm from hot leads.  I am a lawyer, and we lawyers have rules about interacting with people who already have a lawyer.  It happens a lot, people have a lawyer for the legal matter I handle, but they are unhappy and want to see “if I will take their case”.  I can’t do that - the bar association considered that unethical client poaching.  

So I would love to start my flow with a question on this, and allow only the unrepresented to start with the flow.  I was thinking, could I have a disclaimer type statement, with a check box.  So I the user does not check “I do not have a lawyer” they never can get started.  But would there be a way to have it on a timer, so if they don’t check the box in X seconds, they get an end screen?



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Hi @Stanley Denman 

Great question, I would recommend using a multiple choice answer type on this step and then using logic to either jump them on to the next step continuing the flow of the videoask, or if they already have a lawyer you could send them to a different step where you explain it would not be possible to work with them at this time. You could even redirect from this step to a relevant URL or webpage on the subject, or send them somewhere on your website that could be useful for warm leads.

You can definitely set up a consent check box within the contact form to confirm that they are able to work with you, but it’s not possible at the moment to have a timer set to it - this is a great feature request though, we’ve had similar requests on timers for answering questions so I’m going to add this on as an idea!