Videoask : autoplay videos?

  • 8 November 2022
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Hi - is there any way we can get videoask video questions to autoplay?


Best answer by andrew_videoask 8 November 2022, 14:26

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2 replies

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Hi @Nathaniel Loe 👋

Each step of your videoask will “autoplay” by default. I put “autoplay” in quotes because the video won’t play with sound. Instead, it’s more of a preview that has a play button overlaid on top of it.

You can disable this option within your videoask’s settings by turning on the “pause autoplay” option. But ultimately, it’s not possible to truly autoplay the video until the respondent clicks play. This is a limitation with most (if not all) browsers that’s put in place as a security/spam prevention mechanism.

Imagine how frustrating it could be from a user experience perspective if you accidentally clicked a videoask link and the sound started blaring through your headphones, for example 😉

I hope this helps answer your question! Let us know if you have any follow-ups.

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Hey @Nathaniel Loe hope you’re doing well!

Let us know if you need any more help with VideoAsk and feel free to share how you’re embedding it so we learn more about how autoplay could be useful for you 😊