Love in the Summer?

  • 4 August 2022
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Hello everyone!  We all know that it is Summer time, and many of us are trying to make the best of it in our very owe way, right? Well, while it is Summer time, I believe that one of the main ingredients that keeps You, Your Friends, love ones, Family and Partner motivated is love. Expressed to us by a well known Author are the five love languages such as: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, and Receiving Gifts. 

These love languages describe five ways that many of us receive and express love in a relationship. I am sure that many can attest to the present reality that knowing one’s love language and letting them know ours can help us feeling loved and appreciated. Am I right??

Importantly, I would like to use, (KFC-Kentucky Fried Chicken) Company as an example. Many of us know that KFC has been hiding there secrete ingredient pertaining to there recipe for many Years. Likewise, many of us are very guilty of the very same thing of either hiding or failing to identify the love language which is necessary to add spice to our situation, (Not too much or too little but just the right amount)??? Can anyone shear what there secrete love language ingredient is and how it is used to spice up there situation, especially now?  Love in the Summer????????

2 replies

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@leighton144000 - two quick questions for you: are you using Typeform and have some questions about the product or are you just creating a series of posts on this site for fun? (sorry i have seen 3 posts in the last three minutes from you and two of them are identical in content - this being one of them… )



My Coffee is helping quite fine @john.desborough. My content being identical in both question and discussion form is to stimulate a meaningful conversation to whomever, and thanks for your input……….