The transcription plugin support spanish ?

  • 23 February 2021
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Spanish support

5 replies

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Hi @jvillalobos thanks for stopping by! I’m not quite sure I know which plugin you’re referencing. Would you mind sharing a bit more about what you’d like translated to Spanish?

The chrome extension  didn´t recognize when i speak in spanish, i dont want to translate, i need the transcription support spanish speach


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Hi @jvillalobos we don’t have much control over the Chrome translation extension, I’m afraid, but if there’s anything we can help with in your typeform account, let us know! :) 

I dont want a translation,  y need to talk in spanish  in my google Meet , and  see in the close caption option the words in spanish

best regards

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Hi @jvillalobos sadly, we won’t be much help over here troubleshooting Google Meet issues, but they do have a wonderful community here where you can ask for some help! :)