What Has Been Your Best Use Case with Typeform?

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There are so many great questions being asked in the Community! I try to help whenever I can, at the same time I’m intrigued at how people use Typeform in so many ways. 

That leads me to this post.

What has been your best, most successful use of Typeform? Please include if it was a survey, quiz, etc. and why you’re willing to give it a 5-star review. 

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Thanks! 😂😂😂

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hmm.. @vickioneill i can’t believe i missed this one when it was first posted.. 

i have to say that the ability to convert 2-3 week in-person interview assessments into online assessments and generate reports automatically has really been my key for myself in my day-job

getting the tshirt site up and running has been fun too.. figuring out the logic for that and making a little bit of side money helps out too.. 

am really happy with a quiz that i helped another community member finish - they had 12 options for endings and we had to figure out which option scored the highest in order to make the right recommendation for the user. over 4k logic rule statements in that one (don’t get me started!!) including evaluating the possibilities for tied scores and sending users to a tie-breaker question ….

and a ‘daily covid screening questionnaire’ that i put together for a school - they loved it but with the shift to complete online learning for the end of the past school year, they won’t look at using it until the start of the next year.

but what really makes my day is when someone in the community has a ‘logic problem’ and i can help them solve it.. that makes my 5-star day. 

next up: quiz funnels for local businesses (and beyond!)

how about you??

Hello. Vickioneill :). I have edited my account a bit. It took me a while to figure out how to 😂. You probably won’t answer me because I am up at stupid a clock so sorry 😅