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Attaching Files in Zapier

  • 28 July 2021
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Attaching Files in Zapier
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Looking to attach a file through a Zapier zap? Follow the steps below to allow files uploaded in your Typeform to appear in your other applications.



1. Make sure you have connected your typeform to Zapier. Check out Zapier’s help center article here on how to create your first zap. 

2. On the live version of your form, submit a real response, including one with a file. 

3. In the app you’d like to send your Typeform data to, find the file upload field that looks like the one below. Note that there are two different file upload data options. You’ll want to choose the one that says, “Exists but not shown.”


4. Now, you should see the file attach in your other applications! 


If you have any trouble setting this up, drop a comment below, and we’ll be happy to help!

3 replies

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@Liz - “awesome sauuuuuucccce” !!


thank you 



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@john.desborough welcome!

Why does Typeform change the filename when passing it to Zapier? Filename is then incorrect in the email, or for whatever else you do with it.