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Passing UTM parameters from embedded typeforms

  • 21 July 2021
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Passing UTM parameters from embedded typeforms
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Want to pass data from Google Analytics into your embedded Typeform? Follow the steps below to pass UTM variables into your form. 


1. Make sure you have connected your typeform to Google Analytics. Check out our help center article for more info.

2. Go to Typeform Builder (Create Panel) and add two hidden fields to your form. Or, you can automatically turn on UTM tracking in your form settings: 




4. Publish the form so the changes are applied.

5. Now go to the Share panel and choose your preferred way of embedding the form.

6. Click on get the code and when the pop-up window appears copy the code.



7. Paste it in your code editor.



Make sure your website URL has the parameters with the same name, that is, utm_source and utm_medium. It should look like this... 



9. Go to the embedded code snippet and add the following part to the code you pasted on your website - 

data-transferable-url-parameters="utm_source, utm_medium"

10. Try not to break the code. Add it after data-mode="your embed mode" or after the Typeform URL just as in the screenshot. It should look like this:




All done, now head to your Google Analytics and it should show! 


6 replies

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Thanks for this @Liz - that should help to explain the steps much more easily to folks. 



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I hope so, @john.desborough ! :grin:

Thanks for this! Just wanted to clarify though, if my Google Analytics is implemented via GTM and I connect Typeform to GTM, will that work or do I still need to connect Google Analytics to Typeform directly? 

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Hi @cay013 I would still suggest connecting Google Analytics to your form directly for the best performance of the integration!

Got it, thanks for the confirmation! Will do just that! Cheers!

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@cay013 Not a problem! Let me know if you think of any other questions. :grinning: