Need to add multiple entries from google form/sheets to Typeform

  • 26 November 2021
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I am running a questionnaire and some of the entries were collected physically in a google sheet, how do I  sync the entries with the data in Typeform?

I tried integrating the sheet with Zapier but there is no ‘action’ that says “Add Typeform entry”

A “new row (trigger) =new entry action)” automation.


Please help me.


Best answer by Paulo 29 November 2021, 01:48

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2 replies

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Hi @peaceek! This is from another user.

I'm not aware if there's a way to push an existing data into Typeform, but here's the workaround I used in a similar situation:
I connected my typeform to the Google Worksheet that already contained the collected data and used the query function to gather both data in a final spreadsheet. Do you think this solution could help in your case?

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Hi @peaceek I hope you had a great week! Were you able to give @Paulo ‘s solution a try?