How to contact Typeform Support

  • 11 October 2021
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Hello Typeform Community and Monday!

If you’ve stopped by our Help Center recently, you may have noticed our contact form to reach our support team has changed a bit. 


So our support team can help you faster, we now require you to log into your Typeform account to submit a support ticket. This means less time sharing your account information with support and more time getting the help you need. Yay!


Watch the video below to learn more about contacting our fantastic support team: 



If you subscribe to one our our plans that includes chat, you can easily drop a message to our live support team by following the steps here: 



You may also want to peek at some of the following locations below for extra help: 

  • Help Center - Find detailed walkthroughs and other helpful articles created by Typeform

  • Status Page - Experiencing an issue or error with your form? We may be experiencing some downtime. Pop over here to check Typeform’s status and subscribe for notifications.

  • Templates -  Get a quick start on building your form with our snazzy templates!

  • Our blog - Read inside stories from other customers using typeform, strategies you can try with your forms, and other helpful tips!

  • Agency Partners - Run an agency or build forms for clients? Be one of our partners! Check out exclusive benefits for our partners here. 

  • Developer Partners - Connect your product or app to Typeform through our developer partner program.

  • Developer Portal - Create your forms through our APIs, send webhooks when the form is submitted, embed using our Embed SDK and much more through our portal.

  • Report Abuse - If you’ve found a form that could be violating our terms and agreements, you can report it here. 


7 replies

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@Liz - this should make life simpler.. 



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I hope so! No more back and forth finding the account ha, @john.desborough !

i do not and cannot find the chat bot - is there another way to make contact?

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@TSMall - the chatbot support is only available on the highest plan level ( i think but you can check that out) … to raise a support ticket you need to go to this link 

I won a sport contest on 4/6 on the daily ticket not sure if fill winners form so did again on 4/23 never got email with a code to be used  as a  digital gift card on amazon.I had reset my orginal email with amazon accountant because lack of use.It had been more than 10days since if out orginal winning form on 4/12.emailed joe a chalkline sports said code was emailed when i   talk on the phone with amazon to see if it was valid they said no

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Hi @S.siders Thanks for stopping by the community! We’re happy to help answer any questions about Typeform, but we won’t be too much help with Amazon gift card issues. 😓

If you filled out a Typeform to enter into a contest, you’ll need to contact the owner of the form directly for any further information.