[Android Device] For Widget component, when keyboard shows up, it refreshes entire Typeform Widget

  • 24 August 2023
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I built my service on nextjs(13.2.1), react(18.2.0) version.

Widget works perfectly on iPhone, laptop browsers and etc.

But, when I try to answer to a "short sentence", page refreshes automatically on any android devices.


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4 replies

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Hi @scy0334 can you share the code you’re using to add the form to your website and the URL?

Tagging @mathio for help as well!

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Hello @Liz , this seems to be a duplicate of a recent thread from Github. The issue seems to be due to a re-render on window resize caused by useWindowSize hook.

@scy0334 thank you for raising this. We are reading and replying in both - Github and the Community 😀

Yes it is! I’d like to resolve this issue as solved. Is there any other way?


Sorry for redundancies

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No worries. Feel free to mark my answer as the best one 😅